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As an Island band performing for the last 11 years, there’s nothing quite like being on stage in PEI. But, the next best thing is when we get to take our show on the road. We were booked to play a show at the Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland, Australia. We didn’t want to miss an opportunity to tour while we were there, so we extended our trip, asking our Australian fans which cities and venues were the best to play. It turns out our fans had their fingers on the pulse, and we ended up playing some of coolest small venues between Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and several places in between.

The band at the Charlottetown airport.

Australia is an important music market. Many Australians have a very well developed taste in music, and we had heard that people are really interested in experiencing live shows. One of the highlights of the trip was watching thousands of people jumping in time with us at our New Year’s Eve performance at the Woodford Folk Festival. It felt so good to see people sing along to our songs in towns where we had never been. We were blown away by not only the audiences, but also the calibre of musicianship from the Australian acts we saw. The Festival was a real hotbed of talent. We made a lot of friends who were more than happy to act as our tour guides and show us the ropes.

When planning our trip, we looked for advice from friends who had previously made the trip. We sat and chatted over coffee with Tim Chaisson at Receiver Coffee, and by the end of the conversation we started to get a sense of what we were in for. We were envisioning a perfect Australian summer, with the incredible beaches, sunshine, culture, food, and music Australia is known for. We couldn’t have been more excited to experience it for ourselves.


...we ended up playing some of coolest small venues between Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and several places in between.

One of the most enjoyable parts of travelling for us is enjoying local food. Our bassist, Rob MacPhee, always researches some really great places to eat ahead of time. We love spending as much time with friends, both new and old, on patios enjoying food and drinks. When the weather is good, you can usually find us stopping at fruit stands on the side of the road, and taking in the landscapes and views that we wouldn’t get to see on the Island or elsewhere in Canada. We also enjoy the privilege of being invited to people’s homes for dinner or house parties; it's a great way to have a genuine local experience.

Next, we plan to fly to South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. Austin has a special place in our hearts. We experience great hospitality, some of the best music in the world, and get a nice little break from our Canadian winter. We’re also working on plans for a return to Australia in the summer or fall, as well as tours of the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, and North America celebrating the release of our new album in 2016.

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